Siargao Sunset


No sun outlasts its sunset but will rise again and bring the dawn. – Maya Angelou









Photos courtesy of my travel buddies.


Burot Sunset

Day Tour Itinerary

8:00 am -Pick-up in Legaspi (Pacific Mall, Terminal, Airport, Hotel Venezia, Oriental Hotel)

8:00 am – 9:00 am – Travel to Misibis Bay

9:00 am – 9:15 am – Registration

9:15 am- 10:30 am – Swimming at the Pools

10:30 am- 11:30 am – Snorkeling at the Marina

11:30 am – 1:00 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – Swimming at the pools

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm – Kayaking/Stand-up Paddle/Wind Surfing at the Beach-Club

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm – Free time for other Activities (ATV/Cruising/HobieCat Sailing)

5:00 pm – Travel back to Legazpi

Water Sports

Snorkeling is at 450/person.

Kayaking/Stand-up Paddle/Wind Surfing are at 350/person.

All-inclusive (including Snorkeling) is 750/person.

ATV Tour (per ATV Unit)

To the Ecopark (roughly 30-45 minutes) is at Php 1,500.

To the Hilltop (roughly 1 Hour & 15 Minutes to 1 Hour & 45 Minutes) is at Php 3,500.

Albay Gulf Cruising (1 Hour):  Php 680/person; minimum of 6 persons.

HobieCat Sailing (30 minutes) is at Php 1,200 max of 4 persons.

3-Day, 2-Night Itinerary

misibis bay itinerary

misibis bay water sports schedule


A beautiful discovery

I thought I could fall in love with pristine beaches forever. Now I found myself loving lakes and lagoons instead.


I knew I still wouldn’t be able to pass an invitation to an exotic beach, as long as it wouldn’t be between a beach and a lagoon or a lake. Yes, you could say that my interest in unspoiled beaches and its appeal to me have altogether declined.

I wouldn’t consider it a sad episode, though, because it was not.

The change in preference had something to do with a beautiful discovery that led me to knowing who I really am.


TUJUMAN LAGOON1922399_861537287209250_6454091803284233155_n



photo credit: travel buddies joann, dos, avi, ely and my cousin carol

Framed Moments

We don’t orchestrate moments. We seize them.

And if we couldn’t commit all the details to memory, we captured them in photographs instead.

Thus, the framed moments.

Whoa! A Carabao (Philippine’s national animal) in an island. Only in Caramoan.
Wanderers? Yes. Lost? Definitely not. Just sleepy.
The day’s catch in Lake Danum, Sagada.
Fuel in a bottle. Trip from Bacolod to Murcia, Negros Occidental.
A road along sugarcane plantation in Negros Occidental.
Meet Mamon (Named by my friends after a bread) from Sagada.
Out of boredom. Stranded in Calaguas due to typhoon Bebeng.
Hammock fun.
196406_10150120277253896_561993895_6481599_5247737_n (1)
Pensive. A stolen shot (of me) while watching sunset in Anawangin, Zambales.
Smooth, calculated slide. Another magnificent stalagmite formation that would greet spelunkers after this descent is the King’s Curtain.
Thirsty? Have a drink.
Afternoon pastime. A candid shot of a surfer in my hometown.
Weekend recreation with nature.
Selfie, the boatman’s way.


Islands of Caramoan at a glance


Setting foot on this anonymous island is a prelude to the exciting island adventure in Caramoan peninsula. Those who chartered a trip by boat from Sabang Port to Guijalo Pier instead of opting to ride in a passenger boat can have the opportunity to drop by on this island. All they have to do is ask their boatman.


It is the island nearest Paniman, one of the jump-off sites for island hopping in the peninsula.


Gota Beach. A private beach resort where the production team of Survivor stayed. Tourists can also visit this island with a fee.


The island opposite Gota. The water is just as clear, and the view as picturesque.


Lahus. Open on both sides. Sandwiched by two rock formations. It is the island closest to Matukad, one of the islands in Caramoan used in filming Survivor episodes.


Aerial view of Matukad Island, where the lagoon with an enchanting tale is located.


Tinago Beach. A cove that only skilled boatmen can access. It is very serene here as it is hidden among the limestone cliffs. Hence, the name tinago or hidden.


Another secluded beach near Paniman. Like Lahus it is facing an open sea, thus the slightly stronger current and the bigger the waves than those in completely walled islets. Its position makes the waves a lot of fun to play in.

*These islands are a 15 -minute (more or less) boatride away from Paniman. Part 2 of this blog will consist of islands farthest from Paniman.


In retrospect: Photos of Bohol Churches before the earthquake


Someone said it is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.

Does this also ring true in ruining beautiful things, like how those century-old churches in Bohol were reduced to rubble in just a few seconds by a devastating earthquake?


This time though sans the astonishing part. Only devastation and heartache.

(Below are photos of heritage churches in Bohol captured a few weeks before the province was struck by the devastating earthquake)









The trip that started it all

An island we happened to pass by on the way to Caramoan

What is it with first-time experiences that make them hold a special place in our memory?

When I think of my travels and the places I’ve been to, the first things that come to my mind are the experiences I never had before until I visited the place.

walled with limestone karsts

For instance, when I think of Caramoan, it’s not the second or third visit I remember the most, but the first. Not that the second and third visits were terrible. In fact, they had been as fun and as memorable as the first.

But if someone would show me a picture of Caramoan, and ask me what comes to my mind, I’d immediately say my first time.

Bag-ing Beach, the other side of Sabitang Laya
A prelude to an encounter with more unspoiled islands in Bicol’s best kept paradise, Caramoan

Caramoan was the destination I chose for my first ever travel since I started working. It wasn’t a solo trip, because I recalled inviting my college friends for this trip and most of them had enthusiastically responded to it. I was glad (and still am) that they did not just say yes but also took the initiative to do their part in making the trip possible.

So off we went and made memories together as friends and as individuals with shared interest for traveling. For the first time.


Travel wasn’t visible in my goal map until I made this trip with college friends three years ago. I am so glad I did. And as long as I find it true, I’ll keep remembering how special this trip was.

[photos: travel buddies: dos, cath, gin and may]