Framed Moments

We don’t orchestrate moments. We seize them.

And if we couldn’t commit all the details to memory, we capture them on photographs instead.

Thus, the framed moments.


Islands of Caramoan at a glance

Setting foot on this anonymous island is a prelude to the exciting island adventure in Caramoan peninsula. Those who chartered a trip by boatĀ from Sabang Port to Guijalo Pier instead of opting to ride in a passenger boat can have the opportunity to drop by on this island. All they have to do is ask … Continue reading Islands of Caramoan at a glance

The trip that started it all

What is it with first-time experiences that make them hold a special place in our memory? When I think of my travels and the places I’ve been to, the first things that come to my mind are the experiences I never had before until I visited the place. For instance, when I think of Caramoan, … Continue reading The trip that started it all