Caramoan Islands (farthest from Paniman)

Island hopping packages in Caramoan usually come in two. One is for Matukad group of islands or those near Paniman. The other one is for the more distant islands from two jump-off sites in the peninsula. Part 1 of this blog features those near Paniman, where almost all island hopping in Caramoan peninsula starts. This is … Continue reading Caramoan Islands (farthest from Paniman)

Five Reasons You’ll Get High With Caramoan

Caramoan is considered as Bicol’s best kept paradise. Even if there have been man-made changes in some islands, the rest remained unspoiled. Like the tourists that flock to the peninsula all-year round, here are five reasons you’ll love Caramoan, too. 1. It offers unparalleled coastal exploration opportunities. Whether you visit the nearest islands or those farthest from Paniman, you’ll discover … Continue reading Five Reasons You’ll Get High With Caramoan

Secluded Caramoan islands all to yourselves

Caramoan offers unparalleled coastal exploration opportunities. But that’s not the reason why I still want to go back having visited twice some of this peninsula’s must-see islands. Perhaps, it’s the secluded islands and the exclusivity that they give. Who would not want to laze on an exotic island and have it all to yourselves even just for … Continue reading Secluded Caramoan islands all to yourselves