Bucas Grande Island – Siargao Itineraries

sohoton cove national park

Below are itineraries for Bucas Grande Island and Siargao trips.


routes to bucas grande from surigao
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Day 1 – Morning

09:35 AM– Surigao Airport, Arrival

09:40 AM–Depart for Hayanggabon Port (Van/Bus Terminal)

10:20 AM–Arrival at Hayanggabon Port, Socorro

10:30 AM–Meet with boatman; depart for Bucas Grande

10:45 AM–Arrival at Sohoton Cove Tourism Center

10:50 AM–Registration

11:00 AM–Sail to Sohoton Cove

11:45 AM- Back to the Center

Day 1 – Afternoon

12:00 PM–Lunch12:30 PM–Jellyfish sanctuary
1:10  PM–  Mark-A beach, Snorkeling in nearby beach
2:00 PM–   Depart for Soccoro
3:30 PM –  Arrival at Socorro
4:00 PM – mini inland tour
5:00 PM – back in Island Vacations Country Inn, take a shower
6:00 PM – dinner
7:00 PM – return to hotel, pack up PM – lights out, sleep

Points to Remember 

  • You have to reach Hayangabon port before 11 in the morning and before 4 in the afternoon because the scheduled daily trips will depart between 10 am to 11 am (for morning) and between 3 pm to 4 pm (for afternoon) if you’ll be staying overnight in Socorro town proper.
  • Note that locals also refer to Bucas Grande Island as Socorro, the lone municipality in these group of islands. You may contact Bucas Grande Island Travel and Tours if you are coming from Surigao through these mobile numbers: +63 09122485976 +63 09363345901.
  • Once in Hayanggabon Port, look for a boat rental for your Bucas Grande Island Tour. Rates range from P2,500-P3,000.
  • You can stay in the town of Socorro after your Bucas Grande Island adventure and depart for Siargao in the morning. When you reach Dapa Port in Siargao, look for public vehicles to take you to your accommodation site. Travel time from Socorro town pier to Dapa port is 3 hours.
  • Sohoton also has accommodations to offer such as that in Cinnamon Island. Three native cottages with fan/air-condition and breakfast for P2,500-P3,000 respectively. Contact operations manager Roldan Dizon at +63 9488205835. For further details visit The Pinay Solobackpacker website.


Hayanggabon port. One of the jump-off sites for Bucas Grande island tour.
Hayanggabon port. One of the jump-off sites for Bucas Grande island tour.

Daily budget, per person


Van ride Php 120 per head

Pumpboat fee starts at Php 100 per head

P 2,500 –Pump boat rental and guide fee

P 20 –      Lake Tiktikan entrance fee

Sohoton Cove National Park Fees:

P 50–   Entrance fee

P 50–   Environment fee

P 100– Docking fee

P 80–   Life vest and helmet rental

P 500– Pump boat to go inside Sohoton Cove

P 333– Guide fee (165 per guide, 2 guides per boat)

P 100 –Paddler to go to Jellyfish Sanctuary

Contact persons:

  • Mr. Aga Ver D.Galanida II (Socorro Tourism Officer) – 0909-3661517 E-mail: aga.galanida@gmail.com
  • Island Vacations Country Inn – 0919-9897331
  • Vincent Tamayo (boatman and guide) – 0930-8028704
  • Print or record correspondence with hotel/inn owners.


Day 2 – Off to Siargao (from Socorro Pier to Dapa Port)

5:00 AM –  pack up, depart for Siargao

8:00 AM –  arrival at Siargao

8:30 AM –  breakfast

8:45 AM –  depart for General Luna

9:30 AM –  arrive at General Luna

9:50 AM –  arrival at Cloud 9

10:15 AM– Check in

10:30-11:45 – Surfing orientation

12:00 Lunch

1:00-5:00 PM – island hopping


  • There is a passenger boat from Siargao Pier bound for Butuan.

Budget per person

  • P 100 – ferry from Socorro, Bucas Grande to Dapa, Siargao
  • P 30 – tricycle fare from Dapa to General Luna
  • P 30 – habal-habal fare from General Luna to Cloud 9
  • P 500 – one-hour surfing including board rental (P 200) and instructor fee (P 300)
  • P 500 – per night rate, non-aircon room at the Ocean Pacific Inn (good for 2 pax, no free breakfast)

General Rates You Might Want to Know

  • P 300 – half-day motorcycle rental
  • P 500 – whole-day motorcycle rental
  • P 500 – whole-day surfboard rental
  • P 500 – one-hour instructor fee with surfboard rental

Contact Joel at 0908-7437709 if you need a surfing instructor.

Boatman: Francis 09487522877

Day 3 – Siargao – Surigao City (if you booked a flight to Manila in Surigao)

5:00 AM – wake up, freshen up, pack up
5:30 AM – breakfast

6:00 AM – depart for dapa

6:30 AM – arrive at dapa

7:00 AM head to pier, board boat for Surigao (Socorro)
9:00 AM – arrive at Socorro port
10:00 AM – Surigao city proper
10:30 AM –    city tour

11:30AM–      lunch

12:00 PM –     Airport check in

Other Routes


other routes
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other routes2
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