Basic Packing Tips from Martha Stewart

Because it is a joy to have a neat and organized luggage bag, I am sharing this quick and easy-to-follow packing tips from no less than the wedding expert, Martha Stewart.

Layer 1

Line the bottom with shoes and tech gear in bags. Fill the center with rolled-up jeans and jackets.


Layer 2

Lay dresses and pants lengthwise on top of the first layer, letting the ends hang over the sides of the luggage.


Layer 3

Roll shirts and sweaters. Place them on top of the second layer. Cover them with the ends of the dresses and pants from the layer underneath.


Layer 4

Fold delicates. Place toiletries and lingerie into separate bags. Set it all on top.


By learning to line, lay, roll and fold your things neatly inside your bag, you’ll find yourself wrestling with your stuff no more. Happy travels!

Photo credit to Martha Stewart wedding website