Subic beach: a rare find in Matnog, Sorsogon


There are travel destinations worth sharing with others, but there are also places we wish only very few people know they exist. The latter may be a selfish act but we can’t really blame people for doing so especially when the place is a rare find. Among the places that can be ranked alongside this category are the beaches in Matnog, Sorsogon.


Via a 30-minute boat ride, you can reach Subic beach– an unexplored, virgin island with pinkish sand, clear, bluish water, cool breeze air, and a very tranquil atmosphere. This beach is also a haven for marine biodiversity thanks to its unexploited natural environment.


The beach can’t promise much in terms of activities that visitors can do aside from swimming, lazing, and taking a few photo souvenirs. Maybe it’s the reason Subic beach is so accessible—to allow people to get back to town proper before it gets dark.


But if you have the chance to stay overnight, then grab it. Crowds these days seem to be everywhere— at the malls, supermarkets, movie houses, concert halls, on the streets, and even on beaches. So if there’s a gift the beach can offer to its visitors like you, I think, it’s the chance to enjoy the island all to yourselves and share precious memories with people who are important to you. You can do all these as long as you have brought with you a tent, clean water, food, and other camping necessities.


Camping may be a bit uncomfortable but doing a “nomadic lifestyle” at least for a day also has its rewards. You get to experience making fire out of twigs and branches that scatter on the island. You cook and prepare your food with your family and friends, though most often it’s the bangkero who volunteers to do the cooking. You get to enjoy the company of people you are with even without using modern gadgets through honest and (often not-so-sensible) conversations, sharing of experiences, and endless laughter while eating, or simply watching the stars.


When leaving the island, don’t forget to collect your garbage and bring it with you. The island already has an owner (according to our bangkero and development is already underway) but it’s not an excuse to leave trash on the beach. Even if there’s already a fee, it’s still your responsibility not to throw garbage anywhere.

the beach on a bright sunny day

Also, don’t forget to drop by at Juag fish Sanctuary and Tikling beach. This fish sanctuary is near the coast of Matnog and it is a haven of different species of marine life. Most of the marine species in this sanctuary are not meant for human consumption. The owner rather wants them to grow and breed, live in longevity, and multiply as many as they can. To do this, the owner allows studies so he’ll know how they can be properly nurtured.

swimming with a school of fish at juag fish sanctuary


Visitors can feed the fish by throwing fish pallets to the water. It is also allowed to swim in the area to give tourists a chance to see different types of fish up close and experience in an hour the joys of being this close with some of the nature’s marine organisms.


photo credit: travel buddies. Thank you ate tessie for allowing me to use some of your friend’s pictures of the Subic beach and Juag fish sanctuary. =)