3 Ways to extract Joy from Your Material Purchases

There was this joke that says: Money can’t buy happiness, but it is more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

Truth, right?

So if you are into collecting all things material, don’t feel guilty. As long as you buy to use it in more meaningful ways than showing off, possessions can bring real happiness too. Just like when you spend on activities over possessions.

Luxurious shops know that, too.

At Havaianas stores, they have a DIY section where shoppers can mix and match for a personalized flip-flop. This happens annually for their “Make your own Havaianas” event.

Screengrab from Laura Lehmann’s Instagram account.

According to Penguins with People Problems author Mary Laura Philpott, creativity is one way to enhance the experience-value of your purchase. To quote:

When you buy a top-of-the-line Italian cappuccino machine, turn it into a multi-sensory experience: pour enough cappuccinos to fill a bathtub, then get into it and soak. Listen to the foam fizz as the minuscule bubbles burst against your shins like tiny waves upon a human shore. This must be how Earth feels.

Okay that was a bit exaggerated, but she nailed it.

Travel is also on her list of ways to extract happiness from material things we buy. Why, wouldn’t it make you feel great to travel light and still in style? Heck, just thinking of the space you’ll save by getting rid of pairs of footwear is already happiness. Thanks to your dual-function flip-flops!

Her point:

Travel creates a bank of positive memories upon which you can draw at any time. Fly your $425 sunglasses to Central America and show them the Equator. Look around at the local citizens through your shaded lenses, holding their gaze and mentally trading places with them. How do you look in your new glasses as you survey yourself through their eyes? Fantastic, probably. You’ll never forget that.

Lastly, give or share it like what Soleil, a Havaianas store in Ayala Malls in Legazpi, did during its launching. Giving can make us feel good inside, and we don’t need science to prove it. We know and feel it, especially when we are sincere.

Thank you, Soleil, for having bloggers during the event.

As well as for making this traveler’s feet comfortable amidst the sharp rock she was stepping on. It’s a happy coincidence, too, that she can match it with one of her favorite travel accessories: shawl!


Soleil photos courtesy of Ginoel and Alan of http://dropdeaddapper.com/