Sleepy Tales: The Twin Lagoon of Coron

“This is a wonderful place to get married.”

Ooops! Did I just say that?

I didn’t really know where that thought had come from. But when one of my travel buddies repeated exactly what I said, I knew that I had let that thought slipped out of my mouth louder than I intended to.

The “gatekeepers” standing tall and mighty like cathedral walls

The surroundings are not even romantic, to begin with. The place rather looks sacred — two lagoons of transparent emerald waters nestled amid the Calis Mountain, the largest limestone formation in Coron. Under the colossal limestone rocks that separate the twin lagoon is a small tunnel which serves as the entry point to the more secluded lagoon.

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The narrow passage can easily stir fear especially to the claustrophobic and less adventurous. But choosing to face such a fear can be a rewarding experience, if not unforgettable.

owing much of its enchantment to the quiet, secluded aura that envelops the lagoon

Upon entering the narrow gap, you’d be astounded to discover a grand expanse (probably twice an Olympic size pool) of clean turquoise water encircled with a majestic succession of rock formations. The towering spires of stratified limestone are covered with strange plants and trees, displaying a bizarre landscape of protruding cone-like shapes.

If you find yourself in front of the gates of this secret cove, remember the password: courage. Only those who take up the challenge to swim in the underwater tunnel become worthy of seeing the lagoon that is set blissfully in seclusion.

*Don’t worry if you are not a professional swimmer. There are other options to get in. All you have to do is trust the boatmen. 🙂