Siargao Seascapes: Cloud 9

In Cloud 9 in Siargao the sea is a playground, wherein the amazing waves elevate the game into a daring adventure.


Those swells beckon the free-spirited and the carefree, daring both the experts and the novices to challenge the waves.


To give in to that bet is also to overcome fear, and that is something I am not ready to conquer yet. At least as far as surfing is concerned.

Good things is, Cloud 9 is literally a haven with its naturally gorgeous seascape, beautiful enhancements, and, above all, magnificent waves. The sight of fearless surfers riding the swells is an added entertainment.




The way surfers look so attuned in their pastime is a source of admiration for someone like me that is too intimidated to give surfing a try.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat”.

photo credits to my travel buddies Gin, Joann, and Ely