Travel Guide: Routes To Caramoan

For those who are coming from Manila, the easiest way to go to Caramoan is to book a ticket (either by bus or plane) to Naga city.

In Naga city, look for the central bus terminal and ride a van or a jeepney bound to Sabang Pier. Travel time is approximately 1 ½ hours. When you reached Sabang pier, look for passenger boats bound to Guijalo pier. There are four travel schedules to Guijalo: 7am, 9 am, 11, am, and 2 pm. Fare costs 120 pesos. It takes 2 hours to reach Guijalo pier from Sabang port.

You may also consider renting a boat if you are travelling with a group. The advantage of chartering your own boat is that you can drop by on this beautiful island. This option costs 2,000-2,500 pesos.Image

When you are already in Guijalo, you’ll be asked to register and pay 5 pesos each. You can ride a tricycle if you’ll stay in the town proper, but if you have a reservation in one of the lodging homes near Paniman beach, you’ll have to rent a jeepney. Your chosen lodging home may also offer to arrange a van transfer from Guijalo to the lodging house and vice versa.

the road to Paniman
Probably you’ll reach Caramoan by noontime and you may take a short rest, eat lunch, freshen up and proceed to island hopping. Island hopping costs 1,500 pesos (to islands near Paniman beach) and 2,500 to islands far from Paniman.
For those coming from Tiwi, Tabaco, or Legazpi, you can reach Caramoan via Ro-Ro. (Naga-Nato-Caramoan).  The earliest travel schedule in Nato Port, Sangay starts at 6:30 am. You’ll reach Guijalo after 3 ½ hours, so you’ll arrive at 10 am. Fare cost is 155 pesos. Bring student ID or senior citizen ID to avail discounts 🙂
You’ll be asked to register your names before boarding. You’ll also be asked to pay 10 pesos. I can no longer recall what it was for.
We rented a jeepney from Tiwi to Sangay and vice versa for 3,000 pesos. *Don’t forget to get the contact number of the jeepney driver since he will wait for your group the next day in Nato Port when you get back from Caramoan.
Reserve a room where you will stay in Caramoan. One day is not enough to visit the islands of Caramoan. Plus, going to Caramoan will require you to travel for almost 7 hours (or 14 hours for those coming from Manila by bus), thus leaving you only 6 hours for island hopping.