My Top 5 Homemade Gourmets at Mandala Park’s 7th Weekend Food Market

At Mandala Park, quality seems to be a priority over quantity. The merchants at their weekend food market last April 23 may be a little outnumbered compared with some weekend markets I’ve been to. Yet it proves effective especially that every food we had sampled tasted so good.

It was like their partner merchants, whose homemade goodies are the highlights of the event, are chosen beyond them being organic and artisanal. It has to taste good most importantly.

My top five picks are the following:


Pierogi from Babci Kuchina (Php 120/set – 3 pcs)

Intrigued by the name and its origin, I just have to try these Polish dumplings and see how they differ from the (Chinese) dumplings we’re all used to eating. You can have them steamed or fried. They are really tasty, especially their classic potato, onion and cheese.

Baked Herb Chicken from Mommy Ann’s Kitchen – (Php 150/meal – quarter chicken with rice and veggies; Php 550 – whole chicken)

Who doesn’t fall for chicken, and this one is HERBED! There’s a feast of flavors in your mouth as you chew on the tender and juicy meat. I’d definitely come back for this.

Pizza from Blended (Php 170 – small pizza, Php 250 – large pizza)

This super thin crust pizza is so flavorful you won’t even notice you’ve eaten the whole thing. It’s crispy and cheesy. I love the garlic sauce, just right and doesn’t overpower the other flavors of the food.

ginger ale

Ginger Ale from Stanford and Shaw Brewing Co.

I’m a fan of salabat and drinks it regularly, so I did not let the opportunity pass to try and take a sip of this homemade ginger ale. Taste does not disappoint. Definitely a must-try.

Crab Paste “Taba ng Talangka” Original Lemongrass from Native Gourmet (Php 275/80 oz. bottle)

It’s nice to keep a bottle of this “sinfully tasty” taba ng talangka in your pantry. It will come in handy if you want to prepare aligue pasta or you want to mix a spoonful to your steamed rice.


This May 14 at 4pm-10pm Mandala Park invites you and your mother for yet another weekend market. The event pays tribute to the first person that introduces us to homemade goodies and cooks for us whenever we are home. Special treats await for your mom at Mandala Park. 🙂

Special thanks to writer/editor Avi Canale for this guest blog post and to Mandala Park for the invitation.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the information presented in this blog is based on the writer’s experience.