Legazpi-Donsol Itinerary

Day 1:

  1. Go to NAIA-3 to take a flight out to Legazpi. (Only CebuPac and PAL fly to Legazpi)
  2. Have lunch at DJC Halo-Halo located next to Gaisano Mall.
  3. Take a van to Donsol (from Legazpi Terminal)
  4. Spend the night firefly watching at the Ogod River.

Day 2: Reserve a slot for butanding interaction very early in the morning.

  1. Go swim with the whale sharks.
  2. Go to town and see the Lumang Bahay.
  3. Visit the Alims’ farm.
  4. Have dinner at Giddy’s Place and videoke after.
  5. Day 3: Go back to Legazpi. Eat a buffet lunch in the hotel by the airport. Go back to Manila.

Alternative Itinerary (for very early flights to Legazpi)

Day 1:

  1. Go to NAIA-3 to take a flight out to Legazpi.
  2. Take a van to Donsol.
  1. Check-in to your inn and prepare for Butanding Encounter
  2. Registration and Orientation at Donsol Tourism Center (Assuming you already have a booking for the whale shark encounter prior to your trip)
  3. Butanding Encounter
  4. Lunch
  5. Town tour
  6. Back to the inn
  7. Rest
  8. Swim at the pool or sea
  9. Early dinner
  10. Firefly watching


  1. Travel time from Legazpi to Donsol is 1 ½ hour.
  2. There are trips at the Legazpi terminal as early as 5 am. Look for Donsol-bound vans. Fare is 75 pesos.
  3. You must book in advance for your butanding encounter, which lasts for 3 hours. You may request for Kuya Randy for your Butanding Interaction Officer (BIO).
  4. For firefly watching, you have 2 options. There is one near the bridge and another further down the river. Your boatmen can fetch you from your inn (if it is a beachfront resort) and experience sailing the sea by moonlight.

Fees and rates you might want to know

Tricycle from Legazpi airport 15
Van to Donsol 75
Tricycle from Poblacion to Dancalan 20
Tricycle to Ogod River and back 100
Tricycle for town tour 100
Tricycle from Dancalan to terminal 20
Van from Donsol to Legazpi airport 75
Firefly viewing at Ogod River  1250
Whale shark interaction registration fee
(P100 for Filipinos, P300 for foreign nationals)
Boat rental package for whale shark interaction 3500
Snorkel, mask and fins rental 300
Terminal Fee (Legazpi airport) 20

First itinerary and list of fees and rates courtesy of Ang Lakwatserang Guro


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