Meet the Lake of Kayangan

You are not a photograph.
Although at flimsy intervals I wish you were
So I could hold you in a glance.


You are not a photograph.
You are most real,
And a lonely wall is not your fate.


You are not a photograph,
You are not a photograph,
And you will nevermore fade…


Not a Photogtaph by Miracle Romano

Facts About Kayangan Lake

  • Kayangan lake is one of the two lakes (the other one is Barracuda lake) in Calamian islands that is open to tourists. The rest are considered as panyaan or sacred areas by Tagbanuas, the indigenous people of Calamian islands.
  • Like the Luluyuwan lake (also called Barracuda lake), Kayangan lake has been awarded as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. It holds a Presidential Hall of Fame for consistently winning from 1997-1999.
  • Entrance fee to Kayangan lake is 200 pesos.
  • the lake water is a mixture of fresh and salt water
  • Tagbanuas make a living (aside from fishing, farming and weaving mats) by collecting swiftlet nests at the top of the small cave in Kayangan lake, or anywhere in the island’s high limestone cliffs. This edible bird’s nest is used for making the bird’s nest soup.
  • the most photographed and most visited tourist attraction in Coron

Kayangan Bay Image

  • is accessible via a 10-minute climb in a steep mountain slope
  • is the most photographed view in Coron
  • is a picture perfect point

Do’s and Don’ts in Kayangan lake

  • Diving and kayaking are prohibited
  • Avoid making unnecessary noises (the noise that tourists make can disturb the balinsasayaw or swiflet that nests in the cave)
  • Use chemical solutions (sunblock, insect repellent, etc.) to a minimum
  • Bringing food is not allowed
  • Visit the lake between 8:00-4:00 pm
  • Bring your garbage back to your boat and dispose them properly

photo credit: Carol Caudilla. Thanks te =)