Infographics: Cross-border commuting in Singapore

In Singapore moving from one tourist destination to another is a breeze. Thanks to its very efficient transportation system, not to mention modern infrastructure.

While there are parts of the MRT and LRT lines that tend to get crowded, and a part of its road that suffer from mild traffic, those were tolerable.

Even cross-border commuting in Singapore is easy. Buses plying between Singapore and Johor Bahru in Malaysia have 12-hour trips, with an schedule as early as 6 am.

Tourists that intend to visit its closest neighbor, Malaysia, can take express buses or cross-border buses bound for Malaysia. Express buses have direct trips to major cities in Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur, whereas trips of cross-border buses terminate at Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru. The latter is cheaper though, the reason why my friends and I took this option when we visited Malaysia from Singapore.

Here is an infographic about cross-border buses in Singapore. You may find it useful should you consider visiting Malaysia during your trip to Singapore and vice versa. The pros and cons of this option are also included to help you decide if this option is for you or not.

cross border sg-jb

This is the first page of the four-page infographic about cross-border commuting in Singapore. Big thanks to Public Transport SG for helping me update and double check the information presented in this infographic.

Cheers to SG for its 50th year of independence!