Siargao beyond surfing


There is more to Siargao than surfing. But who can resist its fabled waves? So we do island hopping, swimming with jellyfish, spelunking, kayaking, cliff diving and surfing when we visit Siargao islands.

Siargao is the ultimate place to be for surfers visiting the Philippines. It’s extremely good waves can get any enthusiast stoked.

Beyond its surfing spots, more natural wonders await for visitors to discover and enjoy – from secret coves and lagoons to still lakes and natural pools to pristine white sand beaches that are never crowded. These hidden gems make non-surfers enjoy the Siargao islands, too.


Enjoy Siargao islands!

Photos courtesy of my travel buddies (Ely, Gin, Joann).

Mt. Mayon Guidebook for only $4.99


Capture postcard-worthy photos of Mt. Mayon through the places in Bicol featured in this guidebook.

mayon postcards guidebook


  • Legazpi Boulevard
  • Lignon Hill
  • Embarcadero de Legazpi
  • Lava Flow

Daraga, Albay

  • Cagsawa Ruins
  • Daraga Church

Camalig, Albay

  • Quitinday Hills and Nature Park
  • Sumlang Lake

Tiwi, Albay

  • Corangon Shoal

Cagraray, Bacacay, Albay

  • Misibis Bay (Bonus Information)

Day tour itinerary, rates for water sports facilities, budget overnight rate

What’s included in the app

  • Detailed day tour itinerary
  • How to get to the featured sites and foodie destinations in Albay
  • How to book/make arrangements with authorized agents
  • Daily Budget

5 Day, 4 nights Legazpi-Camalig-Daraga-Tiwi-Caagraray Itinerary

Day 1 – Half-Day Tour

  • ATV Tours

Day 2 – New Ecotourism sites

  • Camalig
  • Tiwi (Book for Corangon visit)

Day 3 – Popular Tourist Sites

  • Visit to famous sites in Legazpi and Albay

Day 4 Tiwi-bound

  • Corangon Visit
  • PhilCeramics in Putsan (side trip)
  • Photowalk for rustic/countryside view

Day 5 –  Misibis Bay Day Tour (Optional)

Sample itineraries are posted in this blog post.

Day 6 – Departure.

This guidebook is available in app store via Favoroute for iOS devices.



Bicol’s Homegrown Meals with a Twist


Clockwise: Bicol Express Linguine, pandesal stuffed with Bicol express,                               pinangat, pinangat pizza, laing quesadilla, pasta with laing flavor, Bicol                             express pasta.


A guide on how to get to the restaurants in Bicol that offer these fusion dishes will be available at Favoroute starting May 17.

Photo credits to Edgar Yap, Marili Ramirez, and Small Talk Cafe.

The Iconic Boardwalk of Siargao

Come visit Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines. Get stoked to ride its fabled waves and discover other gems that make Conde Nast Traveler named it as one of the world’s under-the-radar tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, below are some teaser images for my Siargao beyond Surfing guidebook. It is available in the App Store via Favoroute, an app developer dedicated to guiding you to unexpected places around the world.

Go check these article on The New York Times, Surfing and Serenity on a Remote Philippine Island and from Rappler Philippines for stunning photos of Siargao waves.


Photo credits to my travel buddies Ely, Gin and Joann.