5 New Specialty Cafes in Albay

Take your pick: From Daraga’s neighborhood specialty cafe to Korean-style and Italian to uber sweet and love-themed.


Photo: Ivy Gamit/IG @herescape_


528 Ilawod

Daraga has this little secret: A specialty coffee shop found in the historical street of Lotivio. Its name is also its address.

Yes, you’ve got it dear!

528 Ilawod serves espresso-based drinks and single origin Arabica beans, which you can pair with yummy pastries (matcha especially),  pasta (tried spicy chicken fajita and I’m craving now) and meals (must try: rum chicken). Chili mocha is also on its menu.


Add the quiet neighborhood and the value-for-money menu to the reasons that make the short commute to Ilawod worth it.

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Anthosia Cafe

Photo from the web.

Its love-themed food is a catch, and so is the bestseller heart-shaped Pan De Oriang. This, you can pair with hot and cold drinks: tsa’a ng pag-ibig, pagkamoot, kape anthosia, supremo, bolero and more.

The cafe encourages not just the ‘kilig’ part of love, but also the expression of heartaches. If you can share the pizza with your love, you can also slice it in two. (Imagine it’s your ex’s heart. Just kidding). It has three flavors: Dayaday (white sauce), Padaba (red sauce) and Salawahan (combination of two).

At times, it holds art exhibits, open mic sessions for spoken word poetry and acoustic sessions with local indie musicians for free.

Erin’s Cafe

Wonton Cups with Mango-Cucumber-Crabstick Salad
Wonton Cups with Mango-Cucumber-Crabstick Salad

Italian menu cooked by the chef-owner, anyone? She shares her schooled cooking skills through their delicious menu, and her love for art by holding exhibits. Their bestsellers are baby back ribs, grilled cheese sandwich, vanilla bread pudding and pasta selections. Try the garden salad too.

 Vanilla bread pudding served with ice cream and choco-caramel sauce

Vanilla bread pudding served with ice cream and choco-caramel sauce

It’s cozy interiors, with books and peaceful ambiance, add to the quality experience that diners consider as important as the food they go after.

Kaz Korean Dessert Cafe


A coffee shop where Bing Su, Korean-style halo-halo, is the bestseller. The mango cheese and berry cheese flavors are a crowd favorite too.


While the famous DJC halo-halo holds a distinct Bicol taste, these new flavors are refreshing. Would you believe its owner use ingredients from Seoul?

You better try it out.

The Patio by Greenleaf

Cupcake desserts and ice cream and cold coffee and beverages make its menu uber sweet. There are pasta and bread selections too. The interiors are whimsical and girly.

The cafe’s instgrammable food presentation and bigger-than-you expect servings complement its good, yet generic taste.