Fresh Eats and Clean Living at Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp

You’ll know there is something special with Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp when you visit its website. The words speak sincere promises of what you can experience with nature and simple things, and at the same time express firmness of its rules.

At the campsite, the beach is your playground where you can practice to master the art of natural high via surfing.

Surfing lessons help you get familiar with the process, while the surfboard for rent encourages you to try and try while having fun.


As  its mantra goes:

We cannot offer a fancy room with minibar. But therefore you will leave as a surfer, with a new born soul, new friends and a beautiful place in mind where you are always welcome to return and learn how much happiness the simple things in life can give you.

The Experience


First-time surfing means trusting your teacher wholeheartedly. That will wash away your fears (especially of big waves), and replace it with the thrill to do it right and stand on the board.

Focus, especially things can happen fast. Put your coordination skills at work. It will take care of your weight and balance.


We made it partially on our first attempt. We almost made it on second and third.



In the end, you’ll find this reminder true when surfing: The only thing standing between you and your goal is doubt.

Delightful Surprise

Are fresh eats and clean living part of your travel goals? At this campsite, you can achieve both.

You’ll feel lucky if one of the cooks is in the mood to share personal stories.  Like how they left their full-time work in Manila to help manage it; how surfing bonded their friendship since childhood, and how it almost took his life and yet found himself coming back.


These surfing buddies give their passion a greater purpose by sending boys and girls to school, welcoming youths in their club and organizing health-related seminars for locals through Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp.

Admirable, isn’t it?


For reservations, please get in touch with Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp.

Contact Person: Mr. Noli John

Phone: +63905242193 / +639994061497



Camping P150

Cottage P800

Environmental fee P25

Photo credits to Lola Sayong Eco-Surf Camp and Laurie Gucilatar.