Caramoan Islands (farthest from Paniman)

Island hopping packages in Caramoan usually come in two. One is for Matukad group of islands or those near Paniman. The other one is for the more distant islands from two jump-off sites in the peninsula.

Part 1 of this blog features those near Paniman, where almost all island hopping in Caramoan peninsula starts. This is the second part, so the islands that are featured on this post are the more distant ones from Paniman.

Here is the list of islands I have had visited in my three-time visits.

Sabitang Laya


Sabitang Laya is actually not that far from Matukad group of islands, but since it is out of the way from islands near Paniman, it is usually crossed out in package A.

It was not opened to tourists when a Survivor franchise was filming in the peninsula, because like Matukad, Sabitang Laya was one of the two islands in Caramoan where castaways had stayed.

Bag-ing Beach


On the other side of Sabitang Laya is another secluded beach called Bag-ing.



The farthest island we reached during our first visit.


Another white sandy beach located just opposite Cotivas.



Boatmen tend to bring island hoppers here at lunchtime maybe because it is the only island in Caramoan with cottages. Staying at the cottages has a fee.


Another sandbar discovered by my friend on the other side of the hill in Manlawi.



Islands of Caramoan at a glance


Setting foot on this anonymous island is a prelude to the exciting island adventure in Caramoan peninsula. Those who chartered a trip by boat from Sabang Port to Guijalo Pier instead of opting to ride in a passenger boat can have the opportunity to drop by on this island. All they have to do is ask their boatman.


It is the island nearest Paniman, one of the jump-off sites for island hopping in the peninsula.


Gota Beach. A private beach resort where the production team of Survivor stayed. Tourists can also visit this island with a fee.


The island opposite Gota. The water is just as clear, and the view as picturesque.


Lahus. Open on both sides. Sandwiched by two rock formations. It is the island closest to Matukad, one of the islands in Caramoan used in filming Survivor episodes.


Aerial view of Matukad Island, where the lagoon with an enchanting tale is located.


Tinago Beach. A cove that only skilled boatmen can access. It is very serene here as it is hidden among the limestone cliffs. Hence, the name tinago or hidden.


Another secluded beach near Paniman. Like Lahus it is facing an open sea, thus the slightly stronger current and the bigger the waves than those in completely walled islets. Its position makes the waves a lot of fun to play in.

*These islands are a 15 -minute (more or less) boatride away from Paniman. Part 2 of this blog will consist of islands farthest from Paniman.