DIY Albay Day Tour: Adventure and sightseeing in Legazpi, Daraga and Camalig

A day tour in Albay can be as relaxed or adventure-filled or both as you want it to be. That said, your day visit can be spent on sightseeing, riding an ATV for lava trail, hiking or boat hopping for an islet with a view of Albay trio: Mt. Mayon, Mt. Malinao and Mt. Masaraga.

For this set, it covers the main tourist attractions in Legazpi, Daraga and Camalig. They’re all in the same District that makes a day tour possible.

Let’s start at the city proper.




Embarcadero De Legazpi still counts as a sightseeing destination for the unobstructed view of Mayon towering over Albay Gulf.


Check these viewpoints: Cisyd Restaurant, topmost part of the mall, deck and (inside) the parking area.


Best time to visit: sunrise and sunset and on bright, sunny days.



How to get there: From Legazpi City, look for LCC mall and 7-Eleven. The road between leads to Embarcadero. Landmarks thereafter: DBP Bank and National Food Authority.

From Albay going to Legazpi, ride jeepney with any of these routes: Embarcadero, Camalig, Ligao and Polangui.

From Central Terminal, ride Legazpi-bound jeep and alight at Ayala Mall. Walk to Quezon Ave., the road between LCC Mall and 7-Elelven.



Legazpi Boulevard– a coastal road with pedestrian which locals use for a morning and evening walk and jog. 

Best time to visit: sunrise and sunset



To get there: Go to the parking area of Embarcadero and walk outside. Turn left, then right and walk straight ahead until you see the life-size landmark that is L-E-G-A-Z-P-I.



Ligñon Hill


With its hiker-friendly trail, there’s no reason for locals and tourists to skip it. Its Mayon view comes with the Albay greenery. On the other side is panoramic city view. 

Consider a night hike, especially on a starry night or with a full moon. Other activities: Zip Line, side trip to Albay Wildlife.



To get there from Embarcadero De Legazpi


Ride a Rawis-bound Jeepney. Alight at the intersection, where the main road and diversion road meets. (Just tell the driver diversion and he knows where to drop you off.)

Cross the road and enter the diversion road. Walk until you see a Loop 1 jeepney waiting for passengers.

From Legazpi City, look for Loop 1 jeepney. These pass along Quezon Av., the road between LCC Mall and 7-Eleven, to LCC Mall, St. Raphael Church and onwards.

Daraga Church

daraga church mag (6)


To get there from Ligñon Hill, wait for Loop 1 jeepney at the diversion road. It will take you to Daraga City. Alight at Bigg’s Daraga.

biggs municipal hall


Cross the road and take the alley at the side of Bigg’s. Walk straight ahead until you see the stairway that leads to the church. It is between the municipal hall and JM Olsen store.

From Legazpi City: Ride Daraga-bound jeepney from Quezon Avenue or Pacific Mall or Embarcadero or Central Terminal.


Cagsawa Ruins



cagsawa + mayon
The only remnant of this Franciscan church is a belfry, and the rest were buried by a devastating volcanic eruption in 1814.


Other activities: ATV Tours and souvenir shopping.

To get there from Daraga: Go to the public market and wait there for jeepneys with any of these routes: Camalig, Guinobatan, Ligao and Polangui.

From Legazpi, ride jeepney with routes the same above.



Drop-off point



Camalig Tour: Sumlang Lake, Quitinday Hills and Quituinan Hills

First off, you’ll need to rent a tricycle or habal-habal for this tour. Find them at the town proper. P300 for Quitinday, P500 for Quitinday and Sumlang Lake. Add P120 for Quituinan.

Some drivers may insist a P500 rent for Quitinday Hills, especially if you’ll stay long (e.g. half-day).

You can save the P200-rent for Sumlang Lake by going first there. The jeep from Cagsawa Ruins/Legazpi will pass along the drop-off area, which is in front of Albay Agri Ethno Eco Village (Agri-Village). Cross the street and enter the paved narrow alley that leads to the lake.

Quitinday Hills is a span of hilly landscape, where the four peaks also serve as Mayon viewpoints.

Quitinday Hills and Nature Park collage


Quituinan Hill is a roadside hill that is exactly facing Mt. Mayon.

Save Sumlang Lake for sunset. Take the balsa ride. It is a simple yet relaxing treat.



Other places to visit in Camalig

Napa Carpet Industries showroom – NCI is the maker of all the artsy outdoor furniture sets and fixtures at Sumlang Lake. From the basketball court (which you’ll get past going to the lake), turn left and walk straight ahead. Just ask where the brgy. captain’s house is.

Hoyop-hoyopan cave – The cave with a dance floor and the most visited tourist site in Camalig before the discoveries of the new ecotourism sites in the area.

Jovellar is a whole destination package in Camalig with its underground river, canyons and falls. It is the farthest among them all.


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