Finding Inspiration in the Ordinary|Change the Way You See Beauty



Two of Albay’s beautiful mountains sit in our backyard. Both stand tall and unobstructed, giving the neighborhood sights to behold. All day long.

But for strange reasons, it took me a while to notice it. It took a photography hobbyist in my hometown for me to see how scenic our place could be.

In the morning, during sunrise


Mornings after sunrise


Before noontime


Early afternoon


Before sunset




While the mobile camera I used to capture these photos are good for landscape photography, there are some flaws that the new Huawei P9 can fix. I saw sample photos from a blogger friend, and I was in awe at its long exposure capabilities. Hence, it can make the following photos (on different conditions) look clearer, brighter and more detailed. The new Huawei mobile device could serve as a travel-ready camera smartphone, especially for bloggers on the go.

Low Light/Night


Extra Hand


Halo around the leaves


This entry is inspired by a photography hobbyist in my hometown. Her usual subjects are familiar landscapes of Tiwi — in fact, all too familiar that locals rarely see them as beautiful. But not for her. Capturing them in their everyday grandeur makes us see that there is beauty in the ordinary.

We only need to see it to appreciate it. Afterl all, it’s not always grand museums and national and world heritage sites that are worth capturing in photos. When we see our place for what it is, its natural gifts, flaws and all, appreciating it becomes so much easier to do, more so sharing it with others with joy and pride.



PS She also happens to be the main feature for, an online lifestyle magazine that we are launching this October. It highlights pioneering creatives, startups and established businesses in Bicol and the Philippines.


Disclaimer: All photos are mine except the sunset image.


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