5 Fascinating Facts about Coron, Palawan

Coron is already known to foreign tourists 35 years ago. This according to a fellow blogger that commented on this post. Coron, why so fascinating?

Here are some fascinating facts about Coron in Palawan, from how this island is formed to its environmental awards and its keepers’ greatest legacy.

secluded-lagoonFact #1. Coron limestone was formed 260 million years ago as a coral reef along the length of Southeast Asia and was part of the China Continental Crust. It was later drafted to its present location north of Palawan by tectonic movements.

They were uplifted by tectonism some 30 million years ago and then extensively eroded by waves and monsoon rains to create its present unique “karst” topography. These limestone crops rise dramatically as cathedral-like formations more 400 meters above sea level. [Source: UNOCAL company calendar]

kayangan lake Kayangan Lake. Photo courtesy of Carol Caudilla

Fact #2. Lake Kayangan and Lake Barracuda are the only two lakes in Coron open to tourists. Both had been awarded the cleanest lakes in the Philippines. How pristine the sacred lakes…

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3 thoughts on “5 Fascinating Facts about Coron, Palawan

  1. Beautiful! We were supposed to visit Coron this year, but CebPac pulled out their Cebu-Busuanga flights. That means, we have to fly to Manila so we can catch a flight to Busuanga. That would really eat up our budget.

    1. Aw sayang naman. Ba’t kaya nila tinanggal no? Sikat pa naman ang Coron sa mga dayuhan esp Koreans. How about kung cebu to puerto princesa and from there land travel na lang po to Coron?

      1. Most probably, they dissolved the route because they don’t get much air traffic from Cebu to Coron.

        We are checking if there are boat trips from Puerto Princesa to Busanga so we can save on travel costs.

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