Come Visit Palawan|Teaser images

Towering limestone mountains are a defining feature of Palawan. Whether you go to Puerto Princesa, Coron, or El Nido, these make up most of the island’s seascape.

536833_3732877444012_2138449241_n IMG_20150613_082020 teaser image puerto princesa teaser image twin lagoons teaser image underground river

teaser image Uriver



See and experience what the city offers or rediscover its still lakes and lagoons with LetsPalawan. For every booking, you get Php 500 discount per person.

Simply use this code joysofjourneyingC004 in booking a tour at LetsPalawan.

Whether it’s a full-trip package, a hand-picked or customized trip that you prefer, this travel organizer can help plan your trip to Palawan. At a discounted rate. 🙂

Go get a quote and experience this paradise!


One thought on “Come Visit Palawan|Teaser images

  1. Reblogged this on The Joys of Journeying and commented:

    My friend Carmela of LetsPalawan, a tour organizer in Palawan, has restructured its promotional program by changing dollar denomination to Php.

    Hence, you get a 500-peso discount per person for every booking you make with LetsPalawan. Simply use this code joysofjourneyingC004 to avail the discount. 🙂

    Please visit the website here:

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