Benefits of wandering on foot

Happy birthday to the cousin that provided inspiration for this published travel story.

The Joys of Journeying

Every day last May, my cousin from Manila would wake up early, leave our home in Tiwi, Albay, and not return until noon. This routine went on for about two weeks. What he exactly did during those hours I didn’t know, until he showed me pictures of my hometown.

Some looked familiar to me, while others — the most scenic ones — were landscapes and seascapes I had never seen before. Then it dawned on me that my cousin had been exploring every nook of my hometown by foot.

While I could not tell detailed stories of his daily sojourn, I can share insights I learned from his travels on the benefits of wandering.

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3 thoughts on “Benefits of wandering on foot

  1. Wow, great article. This is the reason why I want to travel solo. I want know where my limits end and how I face the challenges of being with my own company. Thanks for sharing Mavic. xoxo

    Aaaaand your cousin captured amazing photos.

    Gly, The Wanderlust Keeper

    1. Thank you, Gly! Glad you were able to relate with the article. I have never tried travelling solo, but I might try soon. Keribels na kung mahina ako sa direction, hehe

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