Eating your Bigg’s Tower Burger your way

Just how do you eat Bigg’s tower burger?

With this five-and-a-half-inch, 13 layer of pure goodness served before you, you’d certainly find yourself asking:

“How do I eat this monster of a tower burger?”

This 5-and-a-half inches Tower Burger needs to be skewered with a long wooden spike to keep everything in place.

At Bigg’s there is no right or wrong way of eating it. You can have it your way.

Treat it as a full meal with combo viands or a brunch for two. Either way you’ll be treated to a flavourful taste of Bigg’s very own beef patty topped with lettuce, hashbrown, onions and cheese and another patty topped with tomatoes, bacon and eggs.

Match it with any of the Mello Jello drinks – be it sublime lime, groovy raspberry or psychedelic cherry. This new set of refreshments is concocted in tandem with the Tower Burger.

Run to your nearest Bigg’s Diner outlet to sample this tallest and biggest burger from Bicol’s largest food chain. Remember to tell us how you eat your tower burger!

As a blogger puts it, “The right way of eating the Tower Burger is your own way of eating it.”

Bigg’s Diner branches are located in Naga, Albay, Daet, Masbate and Batangas.


Thanks Bigg’s Diner for this exclusive event for Bicol bloggers. And oh, the summery vintage props were beautiful.

Kudos to your team and your expanding business!

Photo credits to Sir Ritche Asagra and the Sole Searching Soul.



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