A birthday greeting

Some high school classmates didn’t click as friends until several years later, when their priorities have started leaning toward similar direction.


The studious, serious type has learned to loosen up and have fun going out with friends, while the passive, homebody type has discovered the joys of journeying. Each has been pursuing separate journeys – one together with her now former colleagues and the other with her former college classmates and friends.

One day the studious, serious type who has been having fun traveling to Philippine provinces had expressed her intention of joining the passive, homebody former high school classmate in one of her trips. Of course, the latter immediately agreed with a promise that the former would be informed prior the trip.

So off they went on their first trip together, along with their six other high school classmates. That was followed by another trip which was outside the Philippines. Several get together came next, making them closer and nearly inseparable, as if each was trying to make use of every opportunity they find to nurture the budding friendship.


All those trips and get together had been fun, but it was what the passive, homebody traveler has gained that made those trips worth cherishing. She got to know not only a person whose interest for travel mirrors hers, but more importantly someone who wants to be her friend. You know that friend that will go out of her way to show it.


The passive, homebody is trying her best to return the favor, though she knows her efforts will not match that of her new friend. And for that the passive, homebody is one grateful person for receiving such a precious gift even if sometimes she believes she does not deserve it.

To the unnecessarily serious err fierce, independent, and ever reliable travel buddy, Beth, happy happy birthday!

May you have everything that matters to you. 🙂


P.S. Let’s keep this shared goal alive: “A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.”


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