Why the People’s Park of Davao is unique

It’s nice to see sculptures of the native people of Mindanao in the park of Davao. While it is likely for a cultural-themed park like that of People’s Park in Davao, I find it refreshing especially since in many Philippine parks it’s theĀ sculptures of heroes that are normally erected in a specific area of the park.

They come in larger-than-life-sized, too, which make them hard to miss.

Here are some photos I took during our visit there.




6 thoughts on “Why the People’s Park of Davao is unique

  1. wow great photos! and your right,i love the respect the native people and culture receive in Davao City. Makes it a much more interesting place!

    1. wow! Thank you, lordvito. šŸ™‚ I really don’t take many pictures of a place, but when I saw those sculptures I couldn’t help it. Maybe because I also felt the pride the local government of Davao has for its native people.

      1. Being from Australia,the connection is strained between australians and its native people for several reason. Hence i am always happy to see cultural respect. Thank you!

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