Singapore: a country, city and state rolled into one

sg city

Singapore is more of a cosmopolitan trade hub than a tourist destination you’d like to explore for its culture, people and natural sceneries.  The longer you stay there, the more you’d find yourself hopping from one bus to another to get to its neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, and other prime destinations close to its vicinity for a break from the city life. 

For one thing, it is a small country where inter-state explorations are not an option. In other words, driving down to the nearest city or town is not possible because there are no other cities to drive to. For another thing, everything seems to be expensive in Singapore. Its lacking of natural sceneries is complemented with recreational sites, entertainment centers, restaurants and many shopping malls, prompting you to splurge on material things, food and other typical city experiences.

If you do indulge on shopping make sure to include electronic goods, because they usually come ready to use in any country. But in spite of those downsides, there are many things to admire about Singapore.

As a country, it has a government that is very certain on what it wants to achieve and what it wants to become and how they can be realized. No wonder Singapore maintains its competitive position in the global market and yields economic prowess that is way superior from other countries in Southeast Asia.

One factor that drives this success is its extreme efficiency when it comes to doing business. Bureaucracy rarely gets in the way thus keeping anyone from waiting, including tourists.

In Changi Airport, for instance, travelers need not wait long to collect their luggage. The MRT trains arrive every five minutes, not to mention that it spans the entire city-state, making going around Singapore fast and easy. Buses also make a good and cheaper alternative to taxi services, which is by the way not considered public transport in Singapore.

True, Singapore is clean, modern and safe country. But it is how Singapore institutions (whether private or public) demonstrate extreme efficiency in carrying on business that I find the most attractive attribute of the city-state, and it would certainly be the reason that will lure me back to Singapore for a second visit. I hope that time I’d learn more about the city-state more than anything that involves the word “hub”.

sg marina bay  


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