Seize the moment

*This is actually an old post. But I am reposting it in response to the Daily Prompt Challenge: New Dawn since I couldn’t remember the last time I was up at dawn than when I had this vacation.

Seize the moment


How do you say good morning when it is time to say goodbye?

As with every journey begins with leaving, so is with every vacation’s end. Leaving is hard at first, but you’ll get used to it as you travel more often. Eventually, it becomes a normal part of journeying.


You won’t get over this fact of traveling without learning some important lessons. For one thing, you’ll begin practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness allows for non-judgmental observation, making you see things take their natural course without you clinging to or rejecting what is happening before you.


As a result, you’ll pay attention to what is important in the moment, tune out any distractions and experience it fully.


And if you’re lucky – which is often most likely to happen when you’re at the height of intense awareness – you’ll see all strange and wonderful things unfold without you doing anything but still your mind.

Then you can leave without regrets knowing that you’ve learned how to be present wholeheartedly and perceive things in an open-hearted way.

So how do you say good morning when you’re leaving?

Just say it, but mean it. And let go.

My cousin happily poses for a photo memento a few minutes before we leave the island.



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