A Night of Fashion, Culture and Tradition at The Oriental Hotel Legazpi


A fireworks display marked the start of the cocktail celebration at The Oriental Hotel in Legazpi, this year’s host for the opening celebration of Daragang Magayon Festival.

This exuberant spectacle, matched with the brilliant light at the lobby, welcomed guests to a night of fashion, culture and tradition.

The event showcased the indigenous gowns created by Gary Roces, a premiere gown designer of buli (Buri palm) wardrobes.

At least five of his creations were displayed at the night’s exhibit, wherein each was given a “nickname” that represents Bicol landmarks, festivals and other tourism booster found only in the region.

Roces has been designing gowns for weddings, festivals, Santa Cruzan and other celebrations like birthdays and JS prom for 20 years now. Some of his gowns have been featured abroad as entries for international competitions. He owns Pustura, a fashion business that specializes in custom gowns and dresses for men and women.


While the gowns’ colourful patterns provide a cool contrast to the lobby’s minimal design, their life-size height easily captures the attention of an arriving guest.

The food station, which features the hotel’s signature food and drinks, was a feast of colors too. Some of the dishes incorporate local ingredients, like that of tinapa pasta and pili nut brownies.





Everyone stopped to listen to the melodic performance of a popular singing chorale in Albay. This includes the members of the LGU Ligao who are in their rodeo costumes, the top PMA passers from the province and bloggers.

Other highlights of the event include the showcase of (volcanic) rock stone sculptures by Vicente Ajero aka Intong Bato.

The festival aims to showcase the cultural and tourism wonders of the province, as well as relive the Legend of Mayon Volcano. Thus, the change in the festival’s name from Magayon Festival to Daragang Magayon Festival.

Visit The Oriental Hotel Legazpi to see the exhibit which is open throughout the festival. Try to visit it at night where it shines like a jewel in the dark.

This year the festival runs from March 24 to April 30.

For inquiries and reservations, contact the hotel through reservations@theorientalhotels.com or (02) 9945644 (02) 9945644 [Manila] and (52) 435 3333 / 5555 Legazpi.


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