A birthday greeting

Some people can win practically anyone’s heart, not because of their charming face, but because of their caring heart.

What if you meet someone who possesses both? You would be smitten, for sure.

I can tell because one of my friends happens to be exactly like that. She was popular among boys in our school, as well as among some girls in our classroom. (I am not referring to gay affection here, though). If Twitter were already common during our high school days, she would certainly have had one of the many followers. Or, if it were Facebook, her account would have been one of the most liked.

Of course, having a pretty face is a given thing to have men drawn to her. But to make them give her so easily the kind of trust that makes people reveal nearly everything about themselves, that’s another thing. Even a few girls in our classroom would make sure that she was the first to know, and the first person they share with, the hottest school gossips they’d just learned about.

I admit I used to wonder how she did that; how she could make anyone (be it a girl or a boy) trust her so easily and make them talk to her so casually about things you wouldn’t normally share with someone unless you completely trust that person.

I found the answer to my question when I had this conversation with a friend who is like her in many respect.

“How do you do that?” I asked my friend.

“How do I do what?” my friend asked me back.

“I mean how can you reprimand your friends (including me) without making them mad at you?”

“Ah, that’s simple, Mavs. First, show that you care. When they know you do you can tell them anything without them feeling offended or embarrassed.”

Now I know. It is her gentle and caring personality that make her a little more special than other girl-worthy crush in our school, or girl-worthy bff in our classroom.

Caring makes her listen without judging. Caring allows her to be indiscriminate in giving her time and attention to people who need someone to talk to, even if for some it seems not to be worth her while. As a result, she becomes somebody a person can always count on.

Perhaps, that is also the reason she sticks to our friendship even if I can be the most secretive friend a person can have. If not for her patience, and her trust in our friendship, our friendship could have fallen apart a long time ago.

For that I am thankful. Thank you, Shie, for not giving up on our friendship. It’s your gifts of patience and understanding that make you deserving of all the love and respect you’ve been receiving from people around you.

Belated Happy Birthday!

Image Cheers!

P.S. I know we traveled together only once, together with our other friends from high school. But I can say with certainty that it’s not all there is in our friendship. Forgive me if it took me so long to know that.



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