A birthday greeting


The blog post that provides tips on how to travel with friends and not want to kill each other reminds me of someone I traveled with for quite a few times already.

Not because she drives me or my other travel buddies crazy with her travel habits, but because she’s the type of travel companion who wouldn’t make you think of such things while on the road.


In fact, she’s exactly the opposite of travel companions you’d regret inviting to join you in your trips.

Yes, she does have her eccentricities, but those are overshadowed by her patience and her unassuming personality. Not to mention that she always has a ready smile, which I think is the reason that puts a twinkle in her eyes.


While seeing a happy face may not amount to any quality conversation, for me, that is something worth noticing for it serves a quiet assurance that I am traveling with someone I can get along with. That is also a welcoming sight as if saying she’s in for small talk.



Sometimes she gets pensive and unpredictable, too. But she always makes certain that, whatever thoughts she’s having, she does not let it get in our way.

She has her ways of dealing with her moods, and we just have to let her be, and trust her, that she’ll get over it as long as she’s allowed to have her solitude.


Indeed, how could we not think of you Cath when we stumbled upon travel tips like that? You’re far from demanding, you hardly complain, and you’re never resentful.

It’s the tenderness of your heart that continues to charm us.

542248_550496215030049_1338389433_n (2)

I wish I could go vegan too, but since I couldn’t, I’d just wish you a happy birthday!


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