Quotes about the Surprising Benefits of Nostalgia

“To remember the past affectionately is, in a way, to relive better times.”


“So daydream, write about times past, and reflect often on your best experiences. Almost always they involve someone else – a friend, a love, a family member – who contextualizes our life within a history bigger than ourselves.”


“So it is nostalgia that not only gets us through a difficult life, it also makes us feel meaningful and tied to a shared history.”


“Thus nostalgia is a way of feeling like we’ve made an impact on the world – nostalgia helps us matter.”

While nostalgia hits us like a train, and sometimes the memories of times past can chill us to the bone, it is almost always for the best.”


“Although it can remind us that we’ve aged, that we no longer have what we once had, that life is no longer how it used to be, nostalgia reminds us how much we’ve accomplished, how deeply we’ve loved, how intensely we’ve lived.”



“Nostalgia is a beautiful thing for it reminds us of good times had so we can look forward to the great ones to come.”

[ Text quoted verbatim from The Surprising Benefits of Nostalgia. Read full post here]


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