On turning points and future journeys


Everything that is familiar to us gives us comfort. Whether it is a person, a thing, a hobby or a place, we can always turn to it and find solace in it. Such is the gift of familiarity.

But change is just around the corner, as they say. Hence, no matter how much we try to stay in our comfort zone there will come a time when we have to step into the unknown.

However change presents itself to us – be it through big, pleasant news or some unbelievably terrifying events – there’s one certain thing about it. That is, it cannot be ignored.


Perhaps that is the reason why characters in novels and movies find themselves going back to a place they are very familiar of like a home when they find themselves dealing with things that can make them loose their balance.

They go back to seek comfort and escape – even for just a while – the nagging feeling that is brought by something they can’t even name.


Indeed, isn’t it unsettling dealing with something we don’t know yet can shake our good, comfortable life?

And when we think things can’t get any worse, it can. Like when we find the place we usually turn to for comfort suddenly appears strange.

While we may still find it a special place, the familiarity it once gives us is no longer complete. It is as if something’s missing, and whatever it is, we know that we can’t find it there.


How’s that possible (to find a familiar place strange and feel like we no longer belong there) we cannot tell, until we finally acknowledge that there’s no point in turning back. It’s either we drift away or have the courage to face the uncertain.

That’s what turning points are for. First, they bring sweeping changes. Next we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. And ultimately, they compel us to choose.

Note to self: Whatever you choose, choose with all your heart. The universe favors the brave.


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