The Admirable Women of the ‘Wednesday Mass Group’

I love it when I’m surrounded with older women, especially when they are middle-aged female parents. There’s a kind of harmless and welcoming aura they exude, and these qualities seem to show naturally in them whether they are in front of strangers or someone they’ve known for quite a long time.

It has something to do with them being a mother, I suppose. Motherhood makes a woman more affectionate that every child they meet they’d like to treat like their own, or at least try to give a semblance of it.  They are also more likely to do every selfless act they could for their families, especially their children.

Those are true to most mothers I know and to the women that I’ve come to admire while attending Wednesday masses.

I know it’s weird, but there’s something about those regular female attendees of the ‘Wednesday mass group’ that struck me. Some because of how well they’ve raised their children. I can tell not because I know them personally, but because they are my former classmates’ and schoolmates’ mothers. Some because of how they’ve remained simple and grounded even if they are rich.

And some because they’ve managed to spend another hour praying for others after a day’s work. I may not have the ability to read their minds to know what they’re praying for, but knowing that the novena to the mother of perpetual help involves praying for others – the afflicted, the sick and anyone that needs some uplifting – is enough a proof that they’re there not entirely for their own personal prayers.

Those women don’t just give me another reason to attend more Wednesday masses, but they also showed me some qualities worth emulating, especially for a woman.

Coincidentally, a mother I met in Puerto Princesa, Palawan asked me if I could accompany her in attending Wednesday masses. Maybe she missed the company of her children that her eyes gleamed when she offered the invitation. How I wish I could say yes, but I wasn’t working in the city like what she had initially thought.

My aunt and I at tita Baby’s (the mother I met in Palawan) house

*There’s really no Wednesday mass group. I just coined the term for this blog.


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