Vacation/Transient Houses at Brentwood Village Baguio

None of us took the time to look for that ideal place to stay in Baguio City, Philippine’s Sumer Capital, and our last travel destination for the year 2011. And when we started looking for that “perfect” place, most of them were fully booked.

Two days before our trip to Baguio and we still had not the clue where to stay. My friend had come across a website offering hotel accommodations in Baguio and she asked me to send an inquiry. In fairness, they responded just after a few minutes I sent one. The houses featured on this website are intended for group travelers. And since we’re only three that would occupy the house, we opted for the least costly. Besides, Tom’s place is near Naguilian, the place where our boss’ house is located.

But just a few hours before we checked in, the contact person informed me that we’re not going to stay at Tom’s Place.  Instead, she told me that we’re spending our 2-day extended vacation in a townhouse at Brentwood. 

We were even more surprised, and yes, awed, the moment we opened the two-storey townhouse and saw how it was meticulously furnished. WOW, that’s all we could say.

To Mrs. Theresa Dejelo, thank you for recommending this place to us. You’re one of the people in this business who are true to your words. Thanks for ensuring that we enjoy our stay in Baguio by providing us not just a room but a fully furnished house where we can stay, relax and chill out without ruining our budget.

 *Brentwood is a little bit far from Baguio’s business central.

5 thoughts on “Vacation/Transient Houses at Brentwood Village Baguio

    1. Hi! I’ve found the contact number of Ms. Dejelo, our contact person for this vacation house at Brentwood village. if you’re still interested, you can contact her through this number 0906-581-3002. You can mention my name to Ms. Dejelo, if you want. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Here’s Ms. Dejelo’s contact number 0906-581-3002. I just found her number in my email today. You can mention my name to her, if you want. Thanks!

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