Baguio Transient House for Family



This townhouse in Brentwood Village in Baguio has

  • 3 bedrooms, each with toilet and bathroom and a tub in the adjacent room
  • an open-plan for living room and kitchen
  • entertainment area with a mini bar and a television unit upstairs
  • a small veranda with a view of the highlands

For three people, this last-minute upgrade from Mrs. Theresa Dejelo was more than we had asked for. While we spent our two-day extended vacation outside, we couldn’t be thankful enough to her for recommending this place to us.

It’s location although a bit secluded is quiet and away from crowds while the artsy furniture sets and decors are a pleasant sight.

For charging us with a rate per person (not for the entire house) for a transient home of this quality, she gave us more than we asked for.

Contact her through these mobile numbers:
























6 thoughts on “Baguio Transient House for Family

    1. Hi! I’ve found the contact number of Ms. Dejelo, our contact person for this vacation house at Brentwood village. if you’re still interested, you can contact her through this number 0906-581-3002. You can mention my name to Ms. Dejelo, if you want. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Here’s Ms. Dejelo’s contact number 0906-581-3002. I just found her number in my email today. You can mention my name to her, if you want. Thanks!

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