With College Friends At Splash Oasis Resort

Cliché as it may sound, but our barkada out-of-town trip at Oasis Resort in Laguna was one of the best moments I’ll cherish in my life. It’s so hard for us (my college friends) to plan a get together and it was almost a miracle that this plan had pushed through. Thanks to its organizers, Booma and Jacque, and of course Mhe, for obliging everyone to be responsible.

This trip was special because this was the first time I’d be seeing them. I have been staying in my hometown in Bicol because I am working from home. I miss them— the kulitan, the basagan ng trip, the asaran, the tuksuhan, the food trip, the iyakan moment, the “prayer meetings,” the tampuhan, and the endless kwentuhan na may kasamang payo lalo na mula kay lalen at mhean 😛 

Booma offered her parents’ house in Cavite since it is much closer to Laguna. Besides, his father would drive her to the resort so it would be fun road trip with a group, not to mention the convenience it would bring to us who were supposed to commute from Manila to Laguna.

What we shared in the past were nothing but memories. We may be busy with our lives now, but guys, wala ba talaga itong part 2? UTANG NA LOOB.




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