Travel Junkie

2011 was the year I officially became a travel junkie. Travel junkies, according to a blogger, live and breathe for travel. They work 9-5 a day and accept additional jobs to support their addiction. It’s like every time they create an itinerary for their travel escapades there’s already another one lingering on their mind. It is as if none could appease their desire to travel. 

March – Anawangin, Zambales

The weather did not cooperate on our scheduled trip to Anawangin and that made me really, really disappointed. But knowing that it was a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway reminds me that that I should expect less every time I travel, especially if it is an unplanned one.  But despite the rough boat ride, I had fun with my former co-org back in college. One thing I’m grateful about this trip is that they showed me how to travel responsibly by collecting all the garbage and ensuring that the camp site that we occupied was clean before we left.

 March- Banaue, Mt. Province

Our trip to Banaue was filled with unforgettable adventures. The 8-hour ride itself was already excruciating so it’s a good counter action to embrace every thrill that this place could offer. Here we had the courage to ride on top of the jeepney. It was scary but I knew I’d never have the chance to do it in my entire life so I faced my fears instead. I agree with my friend who said that our parents would freak out if they’d learn about it. 

March – Sagada

Sagada is my favorite place so far (tied in the first place with Caramoan on my list of places I’m planning to go back to). Aside from being an isolated place, it possesses the kind of beauty that can’t be found anywhere else in the country. The breathtaking view of the sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan, the magnificent stalagmite formations in Sumaguing cave, the soothing mountain air and the serene surroundings— all these must be the prize one gets for enduring the horrific bus ride up north. Meeting Tita Mary has made our vacation in Sagada all the more special.

April- Manila -Jacque and Bryan wedding


It felt great to see a friend entering a new chapter in her life with her beloved. And this celebration even turned as a get together for us college friends— a proof that we’d only have the chance to see each other and catch up with one another when rare moments like this happen.

May – Calaguas

Our first taste of misadventures. We crossed the sea although there was a typhoon. There was no signal for Globe subscribers. We were stranded. I got lost. Indeed, this travel tested our patience, our physical strength, and even our faith. But despite these unfortunate events it was a turning point in our lives. It allowed us to grow by forgiving a friend who had dared to ruin the plan, to go on and appreciate the beauty that is Calaguas despite the hellish boat ride, and to stay calm amidst the raging storm. Thank God we were able to get back home safely.

July – Bacolod 

Another spontaneous weekend getaway. We’re not used to traveling without an itinerary, but this time we tried it for the sake of embracing spontaneity. It has its pros and cons but in spite of the excitement it brings (may be due to the come-what-may factor), I’d still go for travels with detailed itineraries. We could have visited more must-see places in Bacolod if we’d had an itinerary. Learning that Bohol is just two hours away from Bacolod two hours before our departure time was such a huge disappointment.


Aside from The Ruins, also worthy of attention were the well-maintained yard, the fine weather, the subtle morning breeze, and the quietness of the surroundings. Plus, there are no smoke-belching PUVs in Bacolod.

November – Tiwi

My hometown. Witnessing Mt. Mayon in its splendor on a day people dubbed as a lucky day was the least thing I expected. For me 11.11.11 was just like the other days, but not until I captured these photographs.

December – Baguio

Half of our itinerary for this travel was work-related. The highlight of this trip was that it’s my first time to meet my colleagues. It took me a year to finally see their faces and greet them in person. For that, ako na talaga ang hermit. Haha


It’s fun meeting them. One thing I regret though: I let the introvert in me overpower me. Promise, I’ll be friendlier next time (:





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