Jump Shot Photo Contest

My friend considered it a blessing to have her entry to Eat Bulaga’s Jump Brother Jump Shot Contest included in the ten finalists. The contest is not that prestigious but it’s a fun way to show that there are so many things to be grateful about life – a country that is filled with gorgeous beaches, a friendship that is almost close to being a family, wonderful travel companions, a time to relax and have a good time, a fantastic weather, a friendly boatman, and a chance to do crazy stuffs like jump shots. 😀

Yeah, doing jump shots is stupid- at least that was what a blogger said. I came across a blogger who believes that jump shot is a stupid thing to do. For a person like me who is fond of doing jump shots, I was a bit hurt. But that was his opinion and I can’t do anything about it. The reason why I love jump shots is personal. So it’s irrelevant if I insisted my point.

But to read a comment that’s below the belt, that is another thing. So when someone commented and posted this on my friend’s entry: “Mandadaya para lang manalo,” I started defending my friend. The photo is not edited. She didn’t even know how Photoshop works. All she wanted was to join the contest and feel the excitement it usually brings. Healthy competition is fun.

And to quote my friend, “I myself appreciate the other entries, whether they’re edited or not. Ni-like ko pa nga ang iba. Just stop being haters, simpleng contest lng ito. Iwasan po natin maging utak talangka, pangit pong attitude yan. Haters are always losers. Let’s try to be more positive, contest man po o hindi.”

Win or lose, I’m proud of my friend. And to our friend photographer who took this photo, I salute you. You can do wonders with your photographs and yet you remain humble.

But one thing I learned here: people who can appreciate wonderful things learn to support other people’s endeavor and become happy with their success; but people who can’t understand (or accept) why there are people who are blessed with talent, that they can do the unthinkable, they turn out to be haters. So dear haters, try hard, until your talent becomes good enough.

my friend’s photo entry
before the jump shot was taken

my friend who took the photo was on the lower part of the ground

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