Get Together at Anawangin Cove in Zambales


Out of sheer fascination towards the moon’s allure, I could not help but post this observation on my FB wall:

I will always admire the moon. It remains strikingly vibrant, fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful despite its age-old solitude.

“I also love the moon, but I love stars more,” a friend replied on my FB wall.

“Tara mag-star gazing tayo!”


And so on the fifth day of March, I and seven of my co-staff in our college newspaper found ourselves comfortably seated in a bus bound to Zambales. The ride was quite smooth; thus, we were able to take a nap. After all, Saturdays are supposedly our break from the monotonous routine at work.

We considered this weekend getaway a reunion since we had last seen each other two years ago.


Plans, however, would not always actually happen the way we want them to. And if weather is a great factor for outdoor getaways, most of what you and your companions planned to do would not materialize if the sun would fail to show up.


Expectations Reality
Summer sun shining up there, glistening and painting our skin into a golden tan.The sea is blue and turquoise.The ocean’s waves sparkle, moving so softly and smoothly.The sea breeze is warm, dancing around us. The sky was grayish.The sea breeze was cold and intense.The current was strong, resulting in harsh, wild waves splashing the coastline.
Stars, like cheerful fires, glisten in the heart of the night, giving campers a chance to hold infinity in their palm and experience eternity in an hour. The entire area was vastly black. If not for the gaseras (makeshift torchlight), I would have stayed in the tent till the night was over. Worst, the pine trees were making a creepy sound!
Glorying in a kind of beauty that many have sought and have found only in the blackness of the night highlighted with various hues of yellow, orange, purple and red. We chose to spend the afternoon sleeping. And it was raining early next morning. No luck with sunrise 😦


Admittedly, I was quite disappointed for not being able to witness sunrise by the beach. One of the reasons I go for camping escapades is that it gives me a chance to see (and if I could, embrace) the beauty of God’s creations before it fades away.



I could not say either that the entire getaway was disappointing. In fact we all had a great time together. Why wouldn’t we when we were able to spend our two-day break from work sleeping, swimming, eating, taking pictures and laughing over (not-so) nonsense stories.

Thanks Dakom peeps, until next time =)


P.S. Enjoy with caution. Anawangin has sudden deep spots, and the deep spots shift due to changing currents. And please do not leave your trash in the area. Let’s practice responsible traveling 🙂

photo credits to my college friends


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