not-your-usual Vinzons postcard destination

Boredom is the least thing you expect when you are on a vacation. With plans you made weeks before the scheduled trip, plus those unexpressed thoughts about things you’re hoping to do, you certainly know how you’d spend every minute of your brief out-of-town escapade. But it does happen, especially when you are stranded on an island because of a typhoon.

Day 4 (Monday.May.2011) – We had been stranded for 2 days already in Vinzons, Camarines Norte. Gray clouds still hovered over the sky, but at least there were no more heavy rains. The wind was still strong though, hence there’s no certainty if we could cross the sea and go back home. We tried to find means to entertain ourselves and when it seemed that we had exhausted every possible way to beat boredom, we decided to go out and explore the village.

Let the pictures below show what we discovered: the not-your-usual Vinzons postcard destination. But just the same, the view offers tranquility, allowing anyone to be one with nature and him/herself.

Don’t get me wrong though. Mahabang Buhangin (the main island in Calaguas group of islands) is certainly not a boring place to be. Its powdery white sand and clear blue water can rival the long stretch of white sandy beach of Boracay (At least this is what they say ‘coz I’ve never been to Bora). And the fact that its natural resources are mostly unspoiled makes it even more exciting to explore and discover the other thrills the island can offer to its visitors.


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