The Mountain Bicolanos call Magayon


a view of Mt. Mayon from the open field in front of our house in Tiwi, Albay

Its near-perfect cone has made it one of the dominant sights in Bicol. No wonder people want to visit Albay just to see Mayon Volcano up close and personal.

If you have already enjoyed its classic postcard view at Cagsawa Ruins, seen it closer when you hiked Ligñon hill or trekked the lava trail and the Mayon Skyline and you still want something more, consider visiting Corangon Shoal. It is a coral islet with Mayon beach view.

We waited for the sky to clear to see Mt. Mayon’s classic postcard-view at Cagsawa Ruins.
My first time to see Mayon Volcano in its full splendor. The views at the top of Lignon Hill make the trek worth it.

It is located in Tiwi, a municipality of Albay which is about 35-minute drive from Legazpi City. Tiwi is known for its geothermal power plant and DJC’s sweet and creamy halo-halo.


Anyone can easily dismiss it as an unremarkable place, as there are no trees, rock formations, or sign of any living organism thriving on the islet.

Yes, Kurangon looks like a boring place. But don’t be fooled because it has something special to offer.

But don’t be fooled because Corangon is not as boring as it seems. In fact, it is declared by Tiwi Municipality as a sanctuary where divers are welcome.

Recreational swimmers obviously cannot explore this side of Corangon. But they can always find delight swimming in the pristine waters.

Meet Mt. Malinao. Like Mayon Volcano, it is also a popular mountain in Albay.


This islet being a sanctuary explains why anyone who wants to visit it needs to ask permission from the municipality’s BFAR Office first. The Office Administrator will ask visitors about their purpose of visiting the islet, and then ask them to log in at the record book. It would be a good option to bring a letter indicating the purpose and the request for permission.

It is best to visit Corangon on a clear sunny day because Mayon and two other amazing mountains that complete Albay’s Magayon Trio are fully visible.

When in Tiwi, don’t miss visiting the pottery at Putsan. Putsan is rich in red clay which is used in making pots, small souvenirs like key chains and ceramics painted with warm and vibrant colors. Tiwi ceramics are delicately shaped, while some are chunky and bold with soft bellying curves.


You can try making one and giving it the shape you desire. This activity would sound exciting for the naturally curious and for anyone who has the inclination to give forms out of raw materials like clay.




4 thoughts on “The Mountain Bicolanos call Magayon

    1. Hi Faye! It’s for free (to try molding your own pot, vase, or any object you wish to create out of clay.) Regarding raw clay, I am not sure if they are selling it to non locals. I’ll ask around when I go back home this December. 🙂

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