Visiting PH Northern Peaks


Yes, it is worth remembering how the sheer awesomeness of the rice terraces took our breaths away…

Rice Terraces


how the sight of the stalagmite formation in Sumaguing cave washed away our exhaustion…



and how the mere act of witnessing the sunrise at Mt. Kiltepan helped us be at peace with ourselves.



Indeed, one can never underestimate the joys of journeying. It’s fulfilling as well as humbling.

Let the photographs speak how stunning the sceneries are, how photogenic and kind the people are in Banaue and Sagada, and how rewarding it is to survive trekking under the furious sun, not to mention the back-breaking climbs up and down the Sumaguing cave and the need to plunge into the chest level ice-cold water to complete the caving experience. I miss Sagada already and Tita Mary too ;(



with Tita Mary




We commend the lad who brought us to a rustic cafe with a balcony that opens up to the fantastic view of the mountains, the rice terraces, and the houses teetering over the cliffs. Never mind if we had to wait for almost an hour before our breakfast was served. The view was worth it and the mountain air was soothing.

sagada mt province

*all pictures are from my travel buddies.


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